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Start your family shaving the right way, plus feel great about reducing your family's plastic waste. 

Our designs are modern, sleek, and durable.  We are known for the quality of our Safety Razors which is why we offer you a 100% |  30-day money-back guarantee.

Included in our family shave kit is:

2 X times stunningly sleek and durable safety razors. 

Included with every razor is a 10-pack of replacement razor blade which should last around 70 shaves (5-7 shaves per blade).

20 Dorco stainless steel razor blades in total. 

2 X 180 ml of nonfragrant, 100% cruelty-free shaving soap. It will last months. 

2 X  our unisex toiletry bag. ETHICAL CHOICE- NON-TOXIC - ZERO WASTE - 100% VEGAN

A great sustainable essential for on the go. Water-resistant, vegan, and made exclusively for Tres Chic Shave Kit - TCSK


  1. 100% cruelty-free, i.e NOT LEATHER.  No plastic, or nasty synthetic fabrics. 
  2. Light as a feather
  3. Generous in size. ( 22cm | 13 cm | 11cm )
  4. Washable - yes washable
  5. Simply, air dry
  6. Non-Toxic
  7. Zero waste
  8. Ethical choice

This is the most affordable way as a family to shave.