Look, we aren't advocating for women to shave. We are feminist here at Très Chic & we don't wish to make women/teenage girls feel to be "beautiful" they must shave.

However, if you do wish to shave, DO NOT USE PLASTIC DISPOSABLE RAZORS. My god, they're so awful for the environment & seem to be the only cheap nasty options for women. It's crazy.

We're giving you an alternative.

This is why I created our brand. Our Très Chic ECO-FRIENDLY BAMBOO lightweight handle with tri-blade razor.

I'm always grabbing my hubby's razor as the 2 blades are useless. Right?

The razor blades are really easy to wash, rinse in hot water. They pop on and off.

The bamboo makes the razor solid, sturdy but lightweight. The 3 blade razor will give you a really smooth finish.

The choice is yours!

Bamboo reusable razor