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Who we are

The Mother & Daughter team, aka The Australian Safety Razor Queens, are changing the world, one plastic razor at a time. Tres Chic Shave Kit |  TCSK is the brainchild of Brisbane animal-lover and plastic hater, Liza Michelle, who was inspired to introduce young women to the good old fashion safety razor when her daughter started on her shaving journey. 

“When my daughter came to me asking for shaving options, we went into a well-known shop that offered a large range of shavers hoping I’d have a huge variety of options to show my daughter. 

After scanning the shop floor we realised there was nothing. When I asked where the ladies’ shavers were, even the poor gentlemen serving us seemed shocked. He had two options. That was it! I thought to myself, why do men have a whole shop worth of options, yet women don’t?’ 

No way did I want to start my daughter on disposable plastic razors, and the thought of waxing (ouch) wasn’t an option for her plus the added cost,  so we had a chat  about what she (and girls like her) wanted and needed, what would benefit the environment and be accessible for all (any gender, any age), Très Chic Shave Kit was born.” says Liza. 

TCSK’S Safety Razors are Unique in style & colour, 100% plastic-free, and are of the highest quality that gives outstanding smooth results.  We also work with Soap makers from Rural Queensland to provide beautiful cruelty-free, vegan shave soap  formulas that are low waste, last for months and work in tandem with our razors.