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You're starting your eco-journey and wish to start removing plastic from your bathroom and stock it with eco-friendly products.

Where to start.

First things first.  Remove that rusted old plastic disposable razor and NEVER buy them again. 

Remove any spray foam shavers that sit in your shower. Have you noticed that the bottom of the aerosol can, can be rusted? it can also leave a red rust stain on the floor of your shower.  While there, take a quick look at what products are in the foam? Can you pronounce them?  hmm...  

And let's start with our AT HOME STARTER KIT. You'll need the following.

  • 1. Bamboo 3 blade razor
  • 1. 100g of our non-toxic, cruelty-free vegan, coconut sugar shave, body cream, make up remover all in one moisturizer. 
  • 2. pack of 4 refill blades. 

Now you're totally set for the next couple of months.

The lightweight bamboo refill razor is perfect for traveling or at home. The bamboo handle is thick and sturdy, yet light, which leaves you with a beautiful close shave as you'd expect from a shaver.
The head of the razor pops off and is easily replaced with our A+ German three blade refills.
Forget conventional spray foam shaving cream. We believe once you've used our multipurpose coconut lush shave cream you'll never look back. Ever!
Our cream is packed in recyclable aluminum containers. 
All our products are packed and sent using Zero Waste Mailers via Australia Post. 

Zero Waste mailers Très Chic Shave Kit


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