Ooh La La!Luxurious shaves are in your future: #limited edition

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Luxurious high performing, quality in design, lightweight Bamboo, Zinc Alloy, safety razor with a thick rounded handle for a stunning result!

Turn the tedious task of shaving into something you look forward to.

Great for:
 A stunning result
 Limiting ingrown hairs and razor irritation
 Cost-saving on the stainless recyclable refills
This stunning bamboo safety razor has tremendous benefits for the environment. 
 Zinc-based metal has tremendous advantages including recyclability, safety, low cost, and zero emissions. Zinc, with its key attributes of durability, and recyclability, makes it the perfect sustainable choice.
along with our favorite...-
Bamboo=natures gift= Eco-friendly. 
Included in your purchase.
- 1 x BAMBOO- ZINC ALLOY  Safety Razor
- 10 x DORCO replacement blades  (45+ shaves dependant on hair type)
- Free tracked shipping across Australia & New Zealand

Why switch to a Safety Razor?

Safety razors are far kinder on your skin with just a single blade that removes the hair from the surface of your skin. The result? The closest and smoothest shave you've had yet. It's also beautifully weighted so you don't need to apply pressure, just let the razor do the work! 

Our Safety bamboo razor is made from solid zinc alloy, and bamboo + metal accessories, it will last for years. This type of shaving is an investment piece. 

Whilst your outlay at first is more than a normal conventional razor, the long term cost saving is substantial.

The blades are a fraction of the cost of multi-blade cartridges, so you'll be saving your pocket (and the environment!) in the long run. Our razor will fit any standard double edge safety razor blades.

We're so sure that you'll love your new safety razor that if you don't, we'll refund your money within 30 days. (simply email,

Caring for your Razor
Think of it more like a semi-precious gem. Rinse off, pat dry, and store away from water. Read more here.