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CONVENTIONAL 3 blade razor + 8 Refill blades + Audrey bag

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Included in our reusable combo kit.

1. Conventional Bamboo 3 blade razor (not a safety razor).

2. EIGHT (8) yes, 8 three blade refills. (will last at least 2 months)

BLADE REFILLS are A+ QUALITY. Sharp and easy to interchange.

100% Cruelty-Free, Vegan, NON-Toxic, coconut - fragrance fee shave soap in a tin.

Audrey is a cosmetic bag like no other.

The bag is 100% biodegradable made from Kraft Paper fabric also known as Vegan leather.

Kraft paper fabric is very lightweight, which makes it the perfect overnight cosmetic kit. Perfect for weekends away, at home or on overseas travel.

Although she is made from Kraft paper, she is very durable and washable. 

Audrey's "dress" size: 20cm/20cm which makes her very generous in size catering for more than just a shaving, beauty kit. Audrey zips up and folds over & clasps shut. No need to worry about anything falling out. 

If discarded the kraft fabric starts to breakdown within 2 weeks. That is wonderful.

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    Sarah Q.
    Australia Australia

    Love them

    I had the best shave, Silky smooth - very happy

    TCSK | Tres Chic Shave Kit

    Thank you for your review Sarah. x

    Suzie C.

    It was a gift for my daughter and she loved it!

    TCSK | Tres Chic Shave Kit

    Thanks so much for your review Suzie and supporting my business. Liza



    We are so sure you'll love your TCSK 'Safety Razor' that we offer you a 100% money back guarantee.  Simply return within 30 days for a full refund.



    On average we use (at least) 52 disposable razors a year.
    Plus plastic packaging - I hate that. The plastic takes hundreds, if not thousands of years to break down in landfill.

    This is one of the easiest switches you will make.

    Less environmental impact- safety razors are a "buy them once, last a lifetime" deal, so you don't end up constantly throwing away replaceable plastic parts like you do with a cartridge razor.

    for your skin

    For Your Skin

    Safety razors are far kinder on your skin with just a single blade that removes the hair from the surface of your skin. The result? The closest and smoothest shave you've had yet. It's also beautifully weighted so you don't need to apply pressure, just let the razor do the work! 

    Less ingrown hairs - cartridge shaving is notorious for causing ingrown hairs. These problems usually vanish when you switch to a safety razor. You can mix and match a range of blades, shaving soaps, pre and post creams to form a combination that best works for you and your skin.  Blades, in particular, come in a wide variety of sharpness levels allowing you to choose just the right sharpness: smooth ratio for your best shave.


    You will save money - cartridge replacement blades are extremely expensive.  We predict that you'll save around $250/year by switching over to safety shaving.

    Whilst your outlay at first is more than a normal conventional razor, the long term cost saving is substantial.

    The blades are a fraction of the cost of multi-blade cartridges, so you'll be saving your pocket (and the environment!) in the long run. Our razor will fit any standard double edge safety razor blades.